Telescoping Boom Pump

Telescoping Boom Pump - Brundagebone

The Telescoping Boom Pump is an engineering marvel.  The design of the pump solves many issues still relevant with today’s conventional pumps.  Designed by Schwing, the 31 XT is a five section boom of which the first section has telescoping abilities.  With the unique design, the 31 XT is capable of unfolding completely in low overhead situations.  The boom only needs 18 feet, 8 inches of height to unfold, making it ideal for large interior structures.

The second aspect of the pump is it’s telescoping feature.  The telescoping boom allows for the operator to reach 87’ and continuously pump all the way back to the bumper, without needing to exceed the height limitations.  Telescoping features extend an additional 15 feet, 3 inches of travel room beyond the unfolding limitations.  This provides a total of 87 horizontal feet of smooth operating travel without managing complicated boom configurations.

Telescoping boom pumps are perfectly matched for jobs paired with laser screeds.  Large slabs, mezzanines, interior pours, elevated decks, and bridges are no match for this machine.