Concrete Hose Puller

Small But Mighty Concrete Hose Pullers

concrete hose contrete puller - Brundage-bone

Somero SP-16 Concrete Hose Puller

Concrete hose pullers are remote-controlled machines designed to reduce back injuries and increase productivity of pours using rubber hoses.  These machines help with handling the hose discharge and also intermediate hose movement by lifting the hose off the floor and transporting it without any aid.

Imagine a long length of hose coming off a line pump that you need to move through a building.  This can normally take six or seven people to lift and move the hose.  Concrete hose pullers eliminate the need for the added personnel.  One person is needed to operate the puller unit which does most of the heavy lifting, while another person operates the placer unit which swings an arm across the unit to displace concrete from the hose.

Equipped with four-wheel drive, and only standing at about three and a half feet tall, concrete hose pullers are great for pouring in interior buildings, along tight corridors, and low clearance areas.  Unit widths are narrow enough to fit in most man and material hoists, or can be hoisted by a crane.  They also provide faster maneuverability while reducing manpower and back strain.

Concrete hose pullers are a back saving, labor, and money saving machine for such a small package.  To see if you need a concrete hose puller on your next job, or to witness a test demo, please contact us.