960 W 7th Street: Los Angeles, CA

Webcor Concrete

Contractor: Webcor Concrete
Project Dates: 4/1/2020 – 5/31/2022
Equipment Used: Alliance: 47M; Putzmeister: 63M, 47M, 28M, 2110 City Pump & two 40M Placing Booms; Schwing: 58M & 46M

Located in downtown Los Angeles, sandwiched between existing buildings and two very active streets, the 960 West 7th St. Project has presented unique challenges due to the limited access to the jobsite.

To provide the needed access to the site, Webcor Concrete constructed a trestle platform from the curb line on 8th St. that extended out over the hole. The two mat pours were pumped from the trestle and 8th St. with boom pumps (Putzmeister 63M, 47M, 40M and Schwing 46M). Using the limited access on 7th St., our team also set up a Putzmeister 2110 City Pump and a 28M boom pump to feed two 40M placing booms.

The mat pours were completed in consecutive weekends at the end of August 2020. The first pour took 14 hours with a total of 3,200 cubic yards pumped and the second took 17 hours with a total of 9,292 cubic yards. Both pours were completed with zero breakdowns.

After completing eight levels below street level, the trestle was removed and we continued pumping from one location inside the building line alternating between two placing booms. As of June 2021, we are at level 12 of 59 with 46,000 cubic yards pumped.

The structure will ultimately top out at 620 feet above street level consisting of approximately 80,000 cubic yards. When complete, 960 West 7th St. will include a 64-story residential tower along with retail shipping, restaurants and underground parking.